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1 to 4

FromWeek-end ratesWeek rates
Moutiers train station110 €100 €
Albertville train station200 €180 €
Annecy train station300 €270 €
Chambéry train station310 €280 €
Grenoble train station435 €390 €
Lyon train station505 €455 €
Chambéry airport330 €295 €
Annecy airport325 €290 €
Genève airport370 €330 €
Grenoble airport480 €430 €
Lyon airport490 €440 €
Turin airport770 €690 €

5 to 6

FromWeek-end ratesWeek rates
Moutiers train station120 €110 €
Albertville train station210 €190 €
Annecy train station310 €280 €
Chambéry train station320 €290 €
Grenoble train station460 €415 €
Lyon train station530 €475 €
Chambéry airport355 €320 €
Annecy airport350 €315 €
Genève airport395 €360 €
Grenoble airport505 €455 €
Lyon airport515 €465 €
Turin airport795 €715 €

7 to 8

FromWeek-end ratesWeek rates
Moutiers train station130 €115 €
Albertville train station220 €200 €
Annecy train station320 €290 €
Chambéry train station330 €295 €
Grenoble train station485 €435 €
Lyon train station555 €500 €
Chambéry airport380 €340 €
Annecy airport375 €340 €
Genève airport420 €380 €
Grenoble airport530 €475 €
Lyon airport540 €485 €
Turin airport820 €740 €

Rates are indicative and may be subject to change.


I wish a round trip


A cab to Val Thorens and skiing : I love Val Tho !

By choosing to go to Val Thorens, you ‘re going to enjoy the slopes and snow as long as possible and forget your everyday life. To enjoy as long as possible of the resort, book your cab to Val Thorens from STAR Transportation Resort . We provide transfers from the train station or airport to the Savoy and resorts offer a premium service so that you arrive at the resort is serene and fast.

By calling a cab to Val Thorens, winter sports are easily within your reach. We take care of your luggage and traveling the lighter mind and avoid the crowd come enjoy also the mountain. You can book at any time , 24 hours on 24 and 7 days 7. Your transfer is from Lyon, Grenoble, Chambéry and many other points of arrival. Taking a taxi to Val Thorens , access to the resort through our services give you complete satisfaction.

Need a Taxi Moutiers Val Thorens. Book your VTC transfer Alternative to taxi between Moutiers train station and Val Thorens . Moutiers Val Thorens.​

Chambery Val Thorens taxi, Moutiers Val Thorens taxi, Geneva Val Thorens taxi & Lyon Val Thorens taxi.

More than a taxi : Val Thorens transfer & shuttle for your winter holiday.

You probably already have everything: train or plane tickets , accommodation and packages . But have you thought about the transfer to the resort from your point of arrival ? Book your transfer with Savoie transport to Val Thorens is a wise choice because you will be able to enjoy the slopes to the maximum, without logistic worries.

Val Thorens transfer & shuttle from the railway stations of Moutiers , Bourg Saint Maurice, Albertville, Chambery , Grenoble, Annecy and Lyon and Geneva airport , Chambery , Annecy, Grenoble and Lyon.

Val Thorens : the highest winter sports resort of Europ.

Val Thorens the roof of the world.

I love Val Thorens.