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Get 5% off for a round trip transfer

1 to 4

FromWeek-end ratesWeek rates
Moutiers train station65 €60 €
Albertville train station130 €115 €
Annecy train station230 €205 €
Chambéry train station240 €215 €
Grenoble train station365 €330 €
Lyon train station425 €385 €
Chambéry airport250 €225 €
Annecy airport245 €220 €
Genève airport310 €280 €
Grenoble airport400 €360 €
Lyon airport410 €370 €
Turin airport690 €620 €

5 to 6

FromWeek-end ratesWeek rates
Moutiers train station75 €70 €
Albertville train station140 €125 €
Annecy train station240 €215 €
Chambéry train station250 €225 €
Grenoble train station390 €350 €
Lyon train station450 €405 €
Chambéry airport275 €250 €
Annecy airport270 €245 €
Genève airport335 €300 €
Grenoble airport425 €385 €
Lyon airport435 €390 €
Turin airport715 €645 €

7 to 8

FromWeek-end ratesWeek rates
Moutiers train station85 €75 €
Albertville train station150 €135 €
Annecy train station250 €225 €
Chambéry train station260 €235 €
Grenoble train station415 €375 €
Lyon train station475 €430 €
Chambéry airport300 €270 €
Annecy airport295 €265 €
Genève airport360 €325 €
Grenoble airport450 €405 €
Lyon airport460 €415 €
Turin airport740 €665 €

Rates are indicative and may be subject to change.


I wish a round trip


star transport to Valmorel for access to the more serene ski resort

The ski holidays are often an opportunity to enjoy nature in peace. A trip that starts well is a holiday that leaves no room for stress transfer from train station or airport. In peak times , buses and shuttles are filled with vacationers and entering the market place is a challenge. Simply take a taxi to Valmorel and winter sports can avoid this unnecessary stress and simplify the transfer to enjoy faster, thanks to the cab, and Valmorel skiing.

Valmorel transfer from Moutiers train station with comfort

star company transports you into the high-end vehicles , adapted to your amount of luggage and offering optimal comfort throughout the journey . You arrive relaxed and serene destination, with the only concern to enjoy your stay. The reservation on the website is simple and fast. So, with our cab to Valmorel ski resort you immediately seem closer.

Need a Taxi Moutiers Valmorel. Book your VTC transfer Alternative to taxi between Moutiers train station and Valmorel. Moutiers Valmorel.​

Chambery Valmorel taxi, Moutiers Valmorel taxi, Geneva Valmorel taxi & Lyon Valmorel taxi.

More than a taxi : Valmorel transfer & shutlle among the ski resorts from a train station or airport.

By booking your transfer with Savoie Transport, you ensure a more serene ride and fast to your accommodation for atransportation to Valmorel.

Valmorel transfer & shuttle from the railway stations of Moutiers , Bourg Saint Maurice, Albertville, Chambery , Grenoble, Annecy and Lyon and Geneva airport , Chambery , Annecy, Grenoble and Lyon.

Valmorel la belle : the pretty winter sports resort where the sun is always shinning.