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1 to 4

FromWeek-end ratesWeek rates
Moutiers train station65 €60 €
Albertville train station130 €115 €
Annecy train station230 €205 €
Chambéry train station240 €215 €
Grenoble train station365 €330 €
Lyon train station425 €385 €
Chambéry airport250 €225 €
Annecy airport245 €220 €
Genève airport320 €290 €
Grenoble airport400 €360 €
Lyon airport410 €370 €
Turin airport690 €620 €

5 to 6

Week-end ratesWeek rates
Moutiers train station75 €60 €
Albertville train station140 €115 €
Annecy train station240 €205 €
Chambéry train station250 €215 €
Grenoble train station390 €330 €
Lyon train station450 €385 €
Chambéry airport275 €225 €
Annecy airport270 €220 €
Genève airport345 €290 €
Grenoble airport425 €360 €
Lyon airport435 €370 €
Turin airport715 €620 €

7 to 8

Week-end ratesWeek rates
Moutiers train station85 €75 €
Albertville train station150 €135 €
Annecy train station250 €225 €
Chambéry train station260 €235 €
Grenoble train station415 €375 €
Lyon train station475 €430 €
Chambéry airport300 €270 €
Annecy airport295 €265 €
Genève airport370 €330 €
Grenoble airport450 €405 €
Lyon airport460 €415 €
Turin airport740 €665 €

Rates are indicative and may be subject to change.


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To allow you access to the La Tania ski resort from a train station or airport in comfort , star transport making the transfer 7 days 7 and 24 of 24 since the main points of arrival to station ski. Relaxation is assured from one end to the other of your stay , thanks to the rapid response of your luggage and efficient transport , safely to your accommodation. The vehicles used guarantee comfortable ride quality , and you can book your tranfer with star transport to La Tania and winter sports almost instantly.

Geneva airport transfer to La Tania and skiing

With star Company, your cab to La Tania, access to the resort is simple and fast. Just put your luggage on arrival and immediately start enjoying your holiday. Taxi to La Tania and the nearby ski resorts you save time , a valuable time often preferred to spend on the slopes or on the terrace of a chalet in transport. You also gain in confidence , which contributes to a relaxing stay. Taking our taxi to and from La Tania ski resort will leave an unforgettable memory : the great holiday.

Need a Taxi Moutiers La Tania. Book your VTC transfer Alternative to taxi between Moutiers train station and La Tania. Moutiers La Tania.​

Chambery La Tania taxi, Moutiers La Tania taxi, Geneva La Tania taxi & Lyon La Tania taxi.

More than a taxi : La Tania transfer & shuttle to quickly reach the ski resorts such as La Tania from a train station or an airport,La Tania transfer is comfortable and effective solution that guarantees you peace of mind during your holiday.

La Tania transfer & shuttle from the railway stations Moutiers , Albertville, Chambery , Grenoble, Annecy and Lyon and Geneva airport , Chambery , Annecy, Grenoble and Lyon.

La Tania : the area skiing close to the prestigious winter sports resort of Courchevel.